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Arti Kata Emancipate

Emancipate artinya Memerdekakan atau Membebaskan. Seperti melepaskan seseorang dari perbudakan, penindasan, atau kendali yang membatasi kebebasannya.

Tindakan memerdekakan membebaskan seseorang dari ketergantungan atau kontrol yang membatasi potensinya.

Ini menciptakan kesempatan bagi individu untuk mengambil kendali atas hidup mereka sendiri dan mengembangkan diri dengan cara yang mereka pilih.

Sebagai contoh, dalam sejarah, berbagai gerakan pembebasan berjuang untuk memerdekakan individu dari perbudakan dan memastikan hak-hak mereka diakui.

Synonyms: Liberate, free, release

Antonyms: Enslave, imprison, restrict

Arti Kata Emancipate di Kamus

Contoh Emancipate dalam Kalimat

  • The abolitionist movement aimed to emancipate slaves and grant them equal rights.
  • Education is often seen as a means to emancipate individuals from ignorance and poverty.
  • The new laws were designed to emancipate citizens from unfair labor practices.
  • Her determination to succeed helped emancipate her from a challenging upbringing.
  • The social reforms were enacted to emancipate marginalized communities from discrimination.
  • The struggle for women’s rights sought to emancipate women from traditional gender roles.
  • Through education and empowerment, the organization worked to emancipate underprivileged youth.
  • The leader’s vision was to emancipate the nation from decades of political oppression.
  • The proclamation was a significant step toward emancipating individuals from the bonds of slavery.
  • Technology has the potential to emancipate individuals by providing access to information.

Emancipate in Context

Quiz: What does “emancipate” mean?

  • a) To restrict and imprison
  • b) To liberate and set free
  • c) To control and dominate
  • d) To ignore and neglect

Trivia: The word “emancipate” has its roots in the Latin word “emancipare,” which means “to free from control.”

Quote: “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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