Adjective - Keadaan ekstrem kebahagiaan atau kegembiraan yang dirasakan dengan kuat dan termanifestasi dalam tindakan dan ekspresi

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Engli.ID – Word of the day: Jubilant

Arti Kata Jubilant

Gembira berlebihan – keadaan ekstrem kebahagiaan atau kegembiraan yang dirasakan dengan kuat dan termanifestasi dalam tindakan dan ekspresi.

Ini adalah perasaan positif yang tak terkendali, sering kali muncul saat mencapai tujuan besar atau merayakan pencapaian.

Keadaan gembira berlebihan bisa melibatkan tawa, tepuk tangan, atau bahkan lompatan kegirangan.

Misalnya, ketika tim sepak bola memenangkan kejuaraan, para penggemar mereka mungkin merayakan dengan gembira berlebihan.

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Synonyms: Ecstatic, elated, exultant

Antonyms: Sad, dejected, gloomy

Lihat kata Jubilant di Kamus

Contoh Penggunaan Kata Jubilant

  • The crowd was jubilant as the fireworks lit up the night sky.
  • She felt jubilant when she received the acceptance letter to her dream university.
  • Their jubilant cheers filled the stadium as their team scored the winning goal.
  • After months of hard work, they were jubilant to see their project succeed.
  • The jubilant couple danced together at their wedding reception.
  • The students were jubilant when they found out school was canceled due to the snowstorm.
  • His jubilant laughter echoed through the halls as he shared the good news.
  • The team’s jubilant celebration showed their dedication and teamwork.
  • The jubilant atmosphere of the festival brought smiles to everyone’s faces.
  • Seeing her artwork on display made her feel jubilant and proud of her talent.

Quiz Untuk Kata Jubilant

Quiz: What does “jubilant” mean?

  • a) Sad and dejected
  • b) Extremely happy and joyful
  • c) Angry and frustrated
  • d) Bored and indifferent

Trivia: The word “jubilant” has its roots in the Latin word “jubilare,” which means “to shout for joy.” It’s often used to describe celebratory and triumphant emotions.

Quote: “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” – Amelia Earhart

Encouragement: Share your response to the quiz in the comments and receive a complimentary module. Your jubilant engagement in learning is truly inspiring!

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