Engli.ID – Word of the Day: Serene

Arti Kata Serene

Tenang; tidak terganggu oleh ketegangan atau kekacauan.

Synonyms: Damai, tentram, sejahtera

Antonyms: Gelisah, cemas, gaduh

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Contoh penggunaan kata Serene

  • The view of the sunset over the calm lake created a serene atmosphere.
  • Despite the chaos around her, she remained serene and composed.
  • The serene beauty of the mountains left us speechless.
  • The meditation session helped him achieve a state of serene tranquility.
  • The park is a perfect place to find a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.


What does “serene” mean?

  • a) Anxious
  • b) Calm
  • c) Confused
  • d) Energetic


Trivia: The word “serene” has its origins in Latin, from the word “serenus,” which means clear or unclouded. It is often used to describe a peaceful and untroubled state.

Quote: “The most beautiful thing about a serene mind is the calmness it brings to life’s challenges.” – Avijeet Das

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